Some statistics

domestic accidents
Just in Italy more than 4.5 milion of accidents every year
In italy, every year, more than 8000 deaths due to domestic accidents
Accidents in the kitchen
Accidents in the kitchen that affect old people

What the people think

we asked to 1000 people to know their opinions

Most feared danger
gas leakage
not always close gas valve
when leave home
Not always close gas valve
when go on holiday

Ever had
gas leakage
Ever forgotten
the stove turned on
Trust eldery familiar
when cooking alone

Our product

We have created a product to use the stove in total autonomy and safety.
The heart of our security system is a smart valve positioned directly where the gas pipe enters the apartment.
The valve is connected in real time to some components and, should they detect a dangerous situation, it will promptly close the gas directly from the point of entry and not just at the outlet.

Our safety devices are able to detect all the main dangers that may occur during kitchen work such as:

  • Smoke due to involuntary or uncontrolled combustion
  • Spreading of the flame due to boiling water and therefore a possible escape of gas
  • Leakage of piping gas at any point in the house.

The strength of our device is that it can always be connected in real time from the smartphone.

Our smart valve is in fact able to communicate with the most popular home automation hubs and, through our intuitive and functional free app, it will always be possible to monitor the conditions of your cooking gas system.

With the functions integrated in the app it will in fact be possible to lock or unlock the gas if necessary and according to need, also being able to set time slots in which the stove can be used.

Features and components

  • Connector.

    Uncontrolled flames alarm

    The smoke detector placed right above the stove and connected to the home network, is able to communicate in real time with the smart valve. In case of uncontrolled and dangerous flames, the smart valve can block the flow of gas entering the apartment. An alarm signal is also sent to the connected devices.

  • Connector.

    Gas leakage detection

    The device can check in real time for possible leaks from any point in the pipes, and the escape of gas from the stove in case the flame has been accidentally switched off.

  • Connector.

    Complete remote control

    Our smart valve is remotly controllable in real time through our intuitive. The application can be downloaded for free on an unlimited number of devices, that at any time can check the safety condition of the gas system. The device is able to send a different type of alarm depending on the detected danger.

  • Connector.

    Elderly family members mode

    Our device is ideal to help our elderly relatives live independently but in total safety. From the app you can also set some time slots in which you can access the stove.

Our Vision

We believe that in the future people can feel completely safe thanks to innovations in the field of home automation, in other words we are pretty sure that the steps achieved in this area will ensure the presence of more tecnological devices as a part of of our daily lives.
Furthermore, the remote control and management of devices via smartphones will turn out to be a custom fo a huge number of people.
For this sake, our application will be greatly useful in this direction.
The installation of samrt valve connected to a smartphone will make it possible the management of the gas system in your living place in the case of emergency or upnormal situations which guarantee additional security and make you feel more contentment in your home.

Our team

Fabio Bagnati

Emanuele Bonacina

Lorenzo Caseri

Federico Cerruti

Almuhannad Lahham

Giulio Russo

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